7th June 2016   With June 23rd Referendum date approaching fast Voters need to decide to Vote Leave and get back control of our Country from

                             the deluge of immigrants OR Vote Remain in EU and find ourselves buried under a new wave of 12 million Turks , Eastern Europeans and many

                             others.   It really comes down to the question “Do you want more and more scum like this allowed in to the UK   .If you do then vote to remain

                             if you do NOT then of course make the sensible choice and #voteleave the EU on 23rd June .


                             Do you really want many more Criminals like this to be allowed to come in to UK and cause mayhem ?. No of course not. Please VOTE LEAVE



                             23rd May 2016  Cameron and his Conservative Govt cronies such as George Osborne continue to put out Untrue information (Lies in plain terms)

in to the Public domain hoping that gullible public will believe that if we leave the EU then everything will collapse.    The fact is that what they are

worried about is the Rich getting poorer because they are delighted will all the immigrants driving down hourly pay rates and thus they have a nice

cheap pool of labour .   They have also said that house prices will reduce by 18% if we leave the EU.  Is that not a GOOD thing ?.   Of course it is unless

you happen to own a mansion or several houses like many Conservatives and supporters.    Do we really want millions more immigrants coming to this

Country ?.   NO we have far too many already.      VOTE LEAVE the EU and life will be much better for the ordinary person.


                             Iain Duncan Smith is definitely an honourable man and speaks the truth, as a Conservative, when he says that we will be much better off OUT of the EU. 

He says that we should Vote Leave as do many other Conservatives, it is only Cameron and Osborne who want us to stay in the EU so they and their rich

friends stay rich, they are NOT at all interested in the ordinary working person.   We hope that you will #voteleave so that we can get back control from

faceless ,unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.



                             12th May 2016  At last the Conservative’s have decided on a great new Video for their EU Campaign !  Please CLICK HERE to view it now  (it is 50mb

so will take 2 minutes to download and will start automatically once fully downloaded..  It is a great new board game which hopefully will catch on.



                             6th April 2016  So now we know that David Cameron came from a family who though that avoiding UK taxes was acceptable    Practice.  IF as, Cameron

states, neither he nor his family benefit from his Father’s offshore trusts then WHO does ?. His Father cannot have set it up to benefit “fred blogs” so it

surely must be to benefit David Cameron or his family ?.

                             Either way, it shows that the Government is not serious on cracking down of tax avoidance or evasion UNLESS it is by one of us mere workers.  I would also

bet though that some of New Labour’s past Ministers also used Offshore tax havens !!




                             4th Aug  2015   Yet another dog attack on a young child. Surely it is time for the Government to take this seriously and bank such breeds

                             of dogs from being in public places ,or at least making it an offence to be in public without being muzzled and on a leash



                             17th July 2015  What can I say but that Cameron and the Conservatives are LIARS and have managed to get in to Government by LYING

                             to the electorate in all their so called “promises” (they knew they were lying and no one will believe them in future)  (1) Today despite it

                             being in their manifesto that Care costs would NOT exceed £72,000 from April 2016 he has NOW announced that this will be delayed until

                             at least 2020 or later  (2) He stated clearly during the campaign that he would NOT remove child tax credits YET has done so. CAMERON

                             YOU ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A CHEAP LIAR !!! nothing more nothing less.   Shameful and just reinforces that Politicians are

                             Liars and not to be trusted in anything they say or promise.



13th July 2015  And another dog attack. Of course our Politicians do not care because it is not them that is effected ,but one day I pray they

                             will find themselves on the receiving end and then may be they will take things seriously , like we on the street do every day !!




                             11th July 2015  Yet another of many, far too many, dog attacks on a young child. When oh when is someone in Government going to say enough is

                             enough and bring in laws to prevent such attacks by making it a law that all such dogs be muzzled and on a leash at all times that they are in  a

                             public place .  It is pointless having fines and such remedies as they do not work as the owners of such dogs are irresponsible and don’t really care.

                             The time for action is NOW so that young children ,and adults, no longer have to suffer. If these owners flout such new laws the dogs should be put

                             down.    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-stoke-staffordshire-33492214




                              7th July 2015  So we discover George Osborne is a hypocrite. He rails against tax avoiders vocally BUT his family firm Osborne & Little has been

working with an Offshore Property Developer Nightingale Mews Inc and the deal avoided UK Taxes of circa £2 Million sterling. (Click on the link)



                              Shameful really ,all the lies these Politicians along with all the hypocrisy.  No wonder George Osborne refused to talk on this story.



                             6th  July 2015  Is it any wonder at all that there is an increasing problem with the mental health of children & use of knives for stabbing people

                             when 10 year old children are fed on a diet of videos like this, and these are the less severe pieces of the Rihanna video . CLICK ON

                             BELOW LINK ,or copy and paste complete url into browser .





                             It is high time for a fight back against this trashing of our children’s childhoods , by trashy people such as Rihanna ,IMHO



                             8th June 2015  The below Graphic says all we need to say. It is disgusting that MP’s think they deserve 10% pay rise and all us mugs 0%






                              28th May 2015  It appears that for once David Cameron is going to keep his word and hold a Referendum as to whether the electorate want to remain

in the EU.  What has to be borne in mind is that even though UKIP (Nigel Farage) only got 1 seat in Parliament they actually received 4 Million Votes.

This being due to the unfair polling system that saw the SNP get only half (2 Million) the Votes that UKIP received yet got 56 seats.  Something is clearly

very wrong that 4 million people in the UK are ignored . Those are likely 4 million people that will be voting “No” to the referendum question whether to

stay in the EU.    Personally I can see no benefits to the “man on street” in staying in the EU.


It has not improved life in the UK.  The massive numbers of immigrants being allowed in (a net 330,000 last year alone ) means that it is harder to get GP

appointments, harder to get hospital appointment, harder to get low paid jobs, harder get school places ,much more expensive to rent houses etc etc .

There is no visible benefits to most people ,UNLESS you are a company owner wanting a pool of cheap labour in which case the influx of immigrants prepared

to work for next to nothing is great.   Removing benefits from immigrants is madness because they will simply resort to living on the streets and stealing. 

We are letting enough foreign criminals in already and it seems no checks are made.    This now means that the Police’s work is made much much harder as

On top of our own home grown criminals they have to also now consider the numerous criminals coming here from Eastern Europe to abuse our Country.

This cannot be allowed to continue and we shall be hoping to see a resounding “No” result in the Referendum.




                             16th April 2015  David Cameron (Conservative) is not on BBC election debate tonight because he is SCARED of the truth that may come outif he has to answer

any questions.  It is a bit like a Criminal refusing to answer questions, it implies GUILT and something to HIDE. What a huge mistake Cameron has made, hiding

from the electorate !!!.   VOTE UKIP and show him he should not have hidden from the truth.





                             12th Apil 2015   Well the election is looming and it is time to decide who to Vote for.  Let us have a summary of the 3 main contenders for PM




                                                                       David Cameron                                     Nick Clegg                                     Ed Miliband




                             13th March 2015   I just saw ONE MORE good reason NOT to vote this current Conservative/LibDem Government back into power . ITV news

                             showed a teenage girl with a severe disability whose ONLY method getting out and about on her own WAS  by use of a Motability car ,crying

                             because she has been told she can no longer have a car because of the cut backs !!!  That is DISGUSTING ,especially when you see that the

                             CONSERVATIVE/LIBDEM Government has especially BLOCKED the taking away of MILLIONS OF £ in  subsidies from RICH landowners

                             who agree NOT to use their large tracts of agricultural land.  So the TORY/LIBDEM Government is OK to pay millions to rich people who

                             do not really need the money, BUT do NOT want to let disabled people have subsidised cars .

                             You can watch the Clip of the news here:  http://www.itv.com/news/2015-03-13/disability-cuts-start-to-bite-those-who-need-it-most/




                             11th March 2015   It seems little noticed by the Public in the UK a modus operandi of the CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT to ensure that the

                             Rich get richer AT THE EXPENSE OF TAXPAYERS ,whilst at same time pleading that the poor in the UK need to suffer so that the Country can

                             clear the deficit.  The UK Government ,in 2013, argued AGAINST the removal of Agricultural subsidies ,which in basic terms means the payment

                             of tens of millions of £ sterling by the taxpayers TO the rich landowners in the UK (and also the rich persons overseas who happen to own large

                             amounts of UK agricultural land.   Please click on below link and read the article from 2013 :  



                    This is the typical David Cameron /Conservatives hypocrisy where they claim they do not give preference to the rich and yet then go and

                    fight for the rich to be given millions of £ sterling FOR DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BUT FOR BEING RICH !!!   The rich AGAIN

                    riding on the backs of the poor !!. In the 21st Century this inequality cannot continue unprotested .




                             11th March 2015   David Cameron made clear at PMQ’s today that he is scared of debating head to head with Ed Miliband because he (Cameron)

                             knows that he has no answer to the points that Ed Miliband would raise in such a 2 way debate.   It is disgusting that we have a Prime Minister

                             (David Cameron) who is afraid of debating in case he  loses the debate.    Grant Shapps meanwhile has been running around making all the excuses

                             he can think of as to why David Cameron cannot attend a 2 way debate with EdMiliband (Labour)

                             I am sure that the Voters will see through David Cameron’s disgusting behaviour seeking to avoid letting them see what he is really like .






                              5th March 2015   Grant Shapps was on BBC Daily Politics today talking his usual rubbish and making all the excuses he could as to why there could’nt

                              be a TV debate between DAVID CAMERON (who is scared of the truth) and ED MILIBAND .Shapps spent all his time time wasting and boring all the

viewers as he wriggled in his usual evasive manner.  Perhaps David Cameron is afraid of further publicising the fact that 300,000 (three hundred thousand)

immigrants settled in the UK last year alone.   Is it therefore any wonder that this Country is sinking  ,and creaking as it sinks ?. NO with the type of twats

that we have running this Country the man on the street is not surprised, just furious.   I have said this again but I will say it again.       IF you invite 300,000

people to come and stay in this Country in 1 year alone you should maybe make sure that you have the CAPACITY in all areas, housing, health, education,

jobs etc  BEFORE YOU LET THEM IN .    Neither Conservatives , LibDem or  Labour believe in immigration Control,  the only party that does is UKIP .





9Th February 2015.  I see that it has now been exposed that DAVID CAMERON’s (the PRIME MINISTER) Wife herself is working for a tax avoiding Company

who seek to avoid paying UK taxes. David Cameron’s family business has used an Offshore Bank in the past to avoid taxes.  Now we have the exposure of 7500

major companies and persons who have been stashing money in HSBC bank is Switzerland and YET this Conservative Govt that we have does NOT take it

seriously and infact appears to condone it.   As for the HMRC, they are a total waste of space and are not interested in prosecuting any of these 7500 ++ persons

or Companies.    It is disgusting that this Conservative Government is allowing this wholesale tax evasion and CRIMINALITY when the ordinary man on the street

would be in Court in a flash if they did anything similar on a much much smaller scale.


I sincerely hope that the Public will show their disgust and Vote this Conservative Government OUT at the elections.


Tories love Tax Evaders so long as they are rich !!!




28th November 2014    Cameron’s immigration proposals would mean is that we will still have a lot of EU immigrants in the UK ,but the difference would be that

they will NOT have any benefits.   The thing is that they have to live ,so that will mean that they will have to resort to sleeping rough and stealing food etc.  We

have enough of that already.


The points Cameron is missing is that BEFORE we let immigrants in we need Jobs for them, Houses for them, HealthCare Places for them, Education places for

them  etc etc etc etc,  AND YET  we do not even have enough of those for our own natural people here already  let alone for hundreds of thousands of more immigrants. 

It is madness.


The only way to stop this Country going further down the drain is to STOP immigration and then put in place all the aforementioned infrastructure  BEFORE we

have a controlled immigration system where immigrants have to show a job and place to live BEFORE coming here for work.


Cameron is a multiple liar and this is now proven. Firstly let us not forget that he promised a Referendum a long time ago BUT he had lied and failed to abide by

that promise.   He more recently made a promise that immigration would definitely come down by TODAY and if it didn’t then we should not vote for him. Well Mr

Cameron you are now shown to be a liar and of course we will not be voting a liar into power again, we will be voting for UKIP !  Cameron thinks that he can lie to

us all and stay in power, well think again he won’t be able to .


Many Polish and Czech men fought for us in the Second World War and that should never be forgotten.  What needs to be said is that the problem is NOT with

immigrants in fact, the problem is with the UK Government NOT making sure that there is sufficient Housing ,Jobs and Infrastructure for EVERYONE.  The Govt

is trying to make this an argument about Benefits but that is absolute rubbish and an argument made up by Govt to deflect criticism from their incompetence and lies.




23rd November 2014  We can expect to hear more BS and lies from Cameron et al next week as he seeks to explain away the fact that the Conservatives/LibDem coalition

has still not managed to slow immigration to anywhere near to acceptable figures:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-30167160   Let us not forget though that it

was the LABOUR Government who allowed in immigrants en masse in their 13 years of ruinous Government but then again now Conservatives/LibDem seem to have

no TRUE intention of stopping it.  The problem is 99.9% of the Politicians live in their own taxpayer funded “bubble” that is sooooo comfortable that they never ever

actually FEEL the effect of immigration . They are also quite happy because they have a nice cheap Labour pool to use to staff their companies and make more money .

They do NOT care one jot about the man on the street, they simply make noises about it.   Look also at Yvette Cooper, who was in the Labour Government along with

Ed Balls when it F’d this Country up, and her speech last week talking tough on immigration and hoping that we will forget that she was cause of it in first place.

Let us be honest, because neither Tory, Lib Dem or Labour will be, none of those parties are going to curb immigration, the only Party that is being honest with us is








11th November 2014  There is only 1 thing to say today and that is CAMERON is a LIAR ! Nothing more

nothing less.    He promised a vote in Parliament on the European Arrest Warrant but yesterday that did

not happen.   This shows that all the “promises” about a European Referendum are absolute LIES and Cameron

is a Liar and not to be trusted in anything he says.  SHAME ON CONSERVATIVES and I hope this backfires when

voters go to election in 2015.




5th November 2014   This article details just how underhand , corrupt and conniving the

Politicians that govern us actually are. What is described in this article amounts to an offence of “doing an act tending

or intended to pervert the course of justice…..” YET why is no one investigating this and take actions against John Bercow

or whoever was responsible for such deletion of data ???.    Yes of course, Politicians can be as corrupt and criminal as they

like and get away with it.  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/mps-expenses/11204405/MPs-to-escape-expenses-investigations-after-paperwork-destroyed-by-Parliament.html





29th July 2014   Cameron is making a lot of “noise” about “tackling” immigration ,but that is all it is, ”noise”

and what he is hoping is that the electorate will be hoodwinked into thinking he is seriously trying to lessen

=numbers so Conservatives are elected into power again. The fact is he is seeking to con everyone

=because he cannot do anything about the large numbers of EU immigrants without forcing a change of the Treaty

=of EU, which is highly unlikely. Immigration is running at around 200,000 (two hundred thousand) in last 12

=months and is increasing fast.  New Labour started the rot of the UK by allowing vast numbers of immigrants in

and the Conservatives/LibDems have allowed it to continue.  It is no wonder that the UKIP (UK Independence

Party) is doing so very well ,when all the main Parties are so useless and having nothing to offer the Public but

False promises .   Letting millions of immigrants in to this Country when we do not have Jobs, House, Education

Places, Health capacity etc etc etc to offer them is utter utter madness and is destroying a great Country .

Of course most Politicians live an “ivory tower” lifestyle and therefore do not appreciate the decimation that

Is happening, such as in Sheffield where “Roma’s” are apparently causing massive social problems for everyone.


Cutting benefits for immigrants is not the solution as all that means is that we have a mass of beggars on the

streets, thieving and other anti social behavior because IF you let them in then they have to be able to survive.



25th May 2014  Very good to see the excellent results in the European Elections, with UKIP making large

gains all over the UK .  The fact is the Politicians in Conservative, Labour and LibDems are far far removed

from the reality of living in the UK as “REAL PEOPLE”


Think of the UK as being a hotel built to accommodate  5000 people.  If you put 10000 in to that hotel surely

it is obvious that 5000 are not going to have a room and will have to sleep on the floors.      I do not think any

Politicians see ,or maybe they are deliberately blind to the fact ,that allowing MILLIONS of extra persons into

the UK without having housing, education places, jobs, health facilities etc etc etc etc for those Millions of

people IN PLACE ALREADY is going to cause severe problems for all people in the UK ,EXCEPT the Politicians

who remain in their well paid jobs with houses etc paid for by taxpayers.    It just is not possible for “a” Country

to accept MILLIONS of immigrants without proper infrastructure spending BEFORE allowing them in to the

UK.   As for the offer by Cameron of a referendum, he knows full well that is an empty promise that he will

NOT give us.  Cameron already has a reputation as a LIAR having promised a referendum years ago and never

giving us one.  


This Country cannot continue with the brainless LIARS and INCOMPETENT Politicians that we have at

Present. All they are interested in doing is enriching themselves and have no interest or ability to help this

Country at all.  All are USELESS.   UKIP offers what is missing from the main Parties agenda and that is

to either get out of the EU or force a change to the immigration part of the Treaty.



18th March 2014  The Death of an 84 year old IN HANDCUFFS strapped to a bed IS NOT HUMANE

OR ACCEPTABLE in the 21st Century either in a third world Country OR in the United Kingdom BUT

this is what happened at Harmondsworth Detention Centre when they ignored all the pleas of  a Doctor

based at the Detention Centre .  This is utterly disgusting and whoever ignored the pleas should be subject

to Manslaughter/Corporate Manslaughter charges .  The name of the elderly man who died is Alois Dvorzac

and he was a Canadian Citizen who was on his way from Canada to Slovenia to meet his long lost daughter.

He never got to meet her because the Border Agency in the UK took him from Gatwick Airport and killed






10th March 2014  Another young lady now has life changing injuries because our pathetic Government

cannot be bothered to put in place laws that make it illegal to own certain breeds of dog and/or to make

it illegal to take certain listed breeds out in a public place without (a) a proper approved muzzle and (b)

on a lead and not running loose. It is LONG overdue that our Government grew the balls necessary to

to put such Laws in  place  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-26514677





26th February 2014  What a pathetic Country we live in with an equally pathetic Judicial system

when a person can be murdered and the person who committed the murder can be out on the

streets again in 2 years (2 of a 4 years sentence)  .  Murder should start with a WHOLE LIFE

sentence and only be reduced in exceptional circumstances .  Compare these 2 cases.  One a

forseeable accident, the other cold blooded attack likely to kill;






11th February 2014   Well we have now all seen what a total waste of space the coalition Government is

and has left people to fend for themselves in the severe floods.  Of course Labour are equally at fault

because they should have been dredging rivers and flood planning during their 13 years of being in

power .  It really begs the question “why do we vote such wasters and fools into power in the first

place” because they sure as hell are not worth the money ,and expenses, they get. Perhaps they are

too involved in massaging their own ego’s and having paintings made of themselves at taxpayers

expense to be bothered with such trivia as helping the public ?.


I see yet another tragedy of a young child killed by a dangerous dog but still this Government

does nothing to prevent it. It is high time to ban dangerous dogs entirely and/or make it unlawful

to have them in public without muzzles and on a lead.  Or are the Government going to be as “good”

at dealing with this as with the floods ?  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-26131934




27th December 2013  Yet another dog attack on a very young girl and nothing being done to prevent it happening again. When

oh when is this Government going to stop talking and actually do something, anything to prevent these continuous dog attacks

on innocent people ?  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-south-east-wales-25527794

I really do think Governments are full of wasters and do not seem to have a clue about doing anything but how to rip of

taxpayers for their own expenses and salaries, oh and lie . 



22nd December 2013  I see that the UK does not need to worry about immigration, the decisions about that are being

made for us by the Bulgarians who now think that they have the right to tell the UK how many of them we should let

into the UK .    This is the epitome of what is wrong with being in the EU, it is simply a gravy train for the poorer

Countries and for EU politicians, at the expense of the natives of the UK and other rich EU Countries.  If you put milk

into black coffee it goes whiter, likewise if you mix lots of poor Countries with Richer Countries the richer Countries

simply become poorer , its obvious to anyone but a politician with an agenda .  Read this article

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-25481859  No wonder Cameron is making fake noises about the EU , he knows

that anyone who wants to save the UK from  extinction will be voting for UKIP .  I say to Bulgaria and Romania get lost

and stick your noses back in to your own corrupt Countries affairs .




11th December 2013  When oh when is the Government going to do what should have been done years ago and bring in laws

that protect the Public from being scared , rightly so, to go in public areas and parks in case they get attacked by  Dogs ?

Having pathetic laws that punish owners (if they can be found) AFTER the dogs have maimed or injured someone is

useless, what we need are laws to (a) Ban certain breeds from being owned  (b) Ban owners from taking such dogs out

in Public without muzzles and on a leash, and if those owners flout these laws the dogs should be put down immediately.

Read this article about, yet another ,lady who has died yesterday after a Dog attack in the UK 

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-25328431  This is one of many many cases and is far too many.

This Government should act NOW ,not just talk rubbish as usual.



7th December 2013   “We are all in it together” the MP’s and Government keep telling us  Does that mean that “WE” also

get the outrageously large  11%  (ELEVEN PERCENT) 


https://twitter.com/thesundaytimes/status/409436283740491776/photo/1/large    I say that UNISON and ALL UNIONS

should call a NATIONAL STRIKE until or unless this outrageous Pay Rise is withdrawn  OR they put up everyone’s

salaries by the same amount.   There has got to be some reaction to this and it cannot go seriously unchallenged  . 

Furthermore the IPSA is clearly a puppet of the MP’s and Government who simply rubber stamp decisions.




2nd December 2013   The NHS in UK is struggling to cope and lots of things need sorting and we can of course

be assured we have a Health Secretary ,Jeremy Hunt, working non stop to sort out the problems. Like hell can we,

he has given up on UK and now is in China selling the Chinese our health service instead.  MR CAMERON/MR HUNT

would it not be best if you sorted out the UK NHS before going off to China selling them services ?





13th November 2013  You read here, Conservatives are not hypocrites, we are all for “transparency”

and “openness”  JUST SO LONG AS IT DOES NOT APPLY TO US , lol





25th October 2013   Having seen George “fat cheeks” Osborne on TV today I thought that

I should dedicate this Song to him.  The lyrics of the song sum him and his policies up;





21st October 2013  The terms of an agreement by the Tory Government for a Nuclear Power

Station to be funded by French and Chinese is an absolute disgrace. The Govt has agreed to

pay a rate of DOUBLE the current wholesale rate and thus have locked the taxpayers in to

seeing the prices double within 10 years.   Instead of wasting £50 Billion on HS2 the Government

should instead be funding 3 x Nuclear Power stations to be owned by the Government and to

supply the base levels of electricity for the UK, and then have Private companies in addition to

that ,NOT Private companies as the ONLY suppliers.  As long as the UK has incompetents

in charge  (and I say this about Conservatives and other parties) it will never go anywhere but



It is long long overdue that this Government look at the seriousness of Dog attacks on children

and Ban certain breeds of dogs (such as Rottweiler, PitBull and Bulldogs for 3 good examples)

being unleashed and unmuzzled in any public place.  This young girl has had here life

permanently changed recently because of such an attack, and the list of victims is very very

long.  There is absolutely no benefit for that girl from any actions AFTER the event and it needs

strong actions NOW  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-24609176  I am sure

if that was David Cameron’s child that was mauled he would bring in new laws immediately !!!.




17th October 2013    David Cameron has said that he is worried about how many votes UKIP will get

in the forthcoming 2015 General Election and expects them to be strong eompetition.   Let us all hope

that UKIP does do as well as expected and perhaps then we might actually get a Referendum on the

EU .   This Country just cannot sustain the huge numbers of immigrants that are now coming (and

expected to come) here and they are placing a huge strain on housing, education, health and other

areas and making the natural UK citizens lives unbearable by forcing up prices of housing. This

cannot keep going on without severe repercussions .    Having watched the Immigration Minister on

BBC Question Time it is obvious that this Government does not have a clue about REAL lives of people

and does not have a clue about how WE (not them because they are happily rich in their ivory towers)

about how this Country is bulging and straining at the seams with IMMIGRANTS.  We must stop

immigration to this Country NOW . Get out of the EU NOW !!    VOTE FOR UKIP.       




12th August 2013  Immigration is in the news .  What do the Government and

Labour Opposition really think would be the effect of us joining the EU and allowing

millions of people from other Countries to come to the UK for jobs ???.  Did they

really think that this is would NOT effect job prospects for UK workers ?. If they did

then they are all as stupid as they seem to be !.      It is blatantly obvious to anyone with

living in the REAL World (not the walter mittyish world of a politician)  that the membership

of the EU on the current terms is simply not going to be sustainable or workable. This is

now starting to come home to roost in the form of 2 major areas, JOBS and HOUSING.


The sooner that the UK gets out of the EU the better for everyone who wants to live in a UK

which offers jobs and housing to its  subjects, rather than simply acting as a hothouse of CHEAP

labour for companies such as Google , Amazon etc etc who pay no taxes !!!      Do we really want

riots such as those in London 2 years or so ago all over the UK ?. That is were we are headed

towards at this time.  We need a percentage Cap on the numbers of EU immigrants who are

allowed to be employed in the UK ,or housed here , OR get out of the EU entirely and sign a

free trade agreement similar to Switzerland’s . 




1st August 2013    Always amazes me how the Labour Party espouse their

support of the “working man” and yet many of the last  Labour Govt milked

the system for their own personal enrichment .I don’t think they really know

what a “working man” is let alone represent them  . 


See how they now live like Lord’s , aka  Lord Mandelson who has a nice looking house at          

6 St Katharine’s  Precinct,  Regent’s Park, London NW1 . Look at the House on Google Maps

and it is one where the white range rover is parked outside.  http://goo.gl/maps/YqIfQ 

(wait for it to load) .  Is that a working man’s house , or a house paid for by riding on backs

of other working men ?.  The latter I think !.



21st July 2013   On the BBC 1 Andrew Marr show at around 09.30 am this morning

David Cameron PM refused to answer the direct & explicit question  did you speak

with Lynton Crosby  about cigarette packaging. David Cameron clearly has a problem

with   transparency  and is hiding behind the word “lobbying” .   Shame on you Cameron

you are a liar and we should not trust you at all !!.   You clearly have something to hide

or you would be open and honest .   Bad move and shows your true colours , LIAR .





12th July 2013   Well it seems the Government has been “bought” by the Tobacco Drug Dealers

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-23281804  This just about sums up the fact that our Government

does not give a damn about our health, only cares about how much money they can stuff in their own

personal pockets. 





30th June 2013  Michael Fallon is being interviewed on Sunday Politics and he is assuring that

there will be no power cuts.  His only answer though seems to be “It is all Labour’s fault”. THAT

is the FULL extent of his ideas to make sure we do not have power cuts.  It is like the Titanic

where they were saying that it was unsinkable and assuring everyone it could not sink. We all

know what happened to the Titanic and with Fallon and his coalition Govt in power the UK is

equivalent to that !!  The Government Ministers are good at talking but that is it, no real brains

or intellect and they are all floundering and out of depth. 




23rd June 2013   Why has Boris Johnson spent hundreds of thousand of £ on having colour brochures

printed and sent to all London households when he could simply have put up a few web pages for very

small sums ?    This was an utter waste of taxpayers money at a time when it could be spent much better.




13th June 2013  I watched HMRC and Government spokesmen speaking about the Google™ tax avoidance issues

and despite the fact that Google only paid a handful of millions on £11 BILLION turnover neither the HMRC or the

Government seem even bothered about trying to plug that hole.   It really is beyond us that with the Country being in

such financially dire straits is not making the issue of tax avoidance No.1 priority ,and instead is simply taking more

money from the poor who cannot afford to fight back.



I have no faith at all in this Government and I don’t see any wish to make anyone but the poor pay for the mistakes and

corruption/greed of the rich.    I just hope that should there be any further protests on scale seen  recently  that those are

targeted at the rich areas such as Hampstead, St John’s Wood, Primrose Hill et al .  THEN maybe the Govt will get

the message that they need to get !.




10th June 2013   Just for posterity I post this link to the excellent interview of Boris Johnson .Watch him squirm.






21st March 2013           


Instead of wasting BILLIONS of £ on the HS2 railway the coalition Govt should be spending that money NOW

building new houses all over Country. The benefits of that would be much quicker ,better and wider than the

HS2 “dream” .  Really I do not think that this coalition Government has any clue at all about getting economy

moving.   The Govt seems happy to let people borrow from Wonga, FridayFriday  and others at extortionate

interest of circa 4000% (yes 4 thousand percent )  yet seen blindly unconcerned that the LIFEBLOOD of the UK,

small and medium sized businesses are not being allowed to borrow ANY money from Banks. Banks simply are

not interested in lending to SME’s in this Country, only gambling with it on foreign shores.  Madness and unless

this Government get a clue then we are going straight down the tubes  (and that is NOT “youtube) .

Please, Please Government Ministers ,get out of your ivory towers ,into the REAL World and find some

common sense somewhere because I see none from you all. 1p off beer, do we really give a S*** about that ? NO

What will that do for the economy ?. NOTHING AT ALL.



20th March 2013



It seems to me that this Country is headed fairly quickly now for a “meltdown” DUE to the ridiculous and unfair laws being

imposed on us all against our will by that large unwieldy “white elephant” called the “EU”  ,against which we were denied

our right to vote against membership of.  What spurred me on today to voice my concerns is the realisation that FROM

TOMORROW (21st March) tens of thousands of 2ndhand vehicles (cars and vans) are going to be FORCED OFF THE

ROAD by the New EU law that comes into force on 21st March 2013.      This law will effectively mean that a Car that

the UK Govt/Authorities have been quite happy for you to drive in the UK for years will now NOT be allowed on the roads

and will be denied an MOT certificate.  That means many many thousands of people will have no Car to drive to work or

go out in .   My prediction is that in the end this tightening of the screws on already struggling people will end up with

London style Riots all over the UK as people will not stand this much longer . Read about the new law in this Express

Article:  http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/385453/EU-set-to-enforce-tough-new-MOT-rules-on-motorists


If you want to Save this Country from oblivion then please, please VOTE for the UK INDEPENDENCE PARTY (UKIP)

at the next election and save us all from this EU madness !!!  Many Conservatives will be joining UKIP soon I am sure.





13th March 2013


It is blatantly clear to everyone , EXCEPT Conservative Politicians , that unless and until Banks like RBS/NatWest are

privatised they are NOT going to lend money to SME’s who are meant to be the lifeblood of this Country  .The only way

that we are going to work our way out of the quagmire we are in is to give SME’s a reliable source of funding because

at present they are not getting any money from any UK Banks.    The fact is that all we hear from Conservative Politicians

are sound bites and empty promises that come to nothing .    The only people lending money now are the likes of Wonga,

FridayFriday etc etc at 4500% interest.    It is utter madness that this Conservative Govt is doing absolutely nothing to

remedy this situation.


Further, we have this Tory Govt bleating about how they need to bring in a bedroom tax because of the shortage of housing ,

yet at the same time they are going to have to let tens (or even hundreds)  of thousands of immigrants from Bulgaria &

Romania into the UK  .     WHERE pray tell me are those immigrants going to live and where are the jobs for them ?. 


It is utter madness and as long as we have such a bunch of WAN* ERS  in power  (and  I am not saying Labour are solution at all) 

this Country is on a path of destruction.     Very soon we will be back in times of Charles Dickens where likes of George Osborne,

David Cameron and all their cohorts live in their luxurious houses and living life of reilly at taxpayers expense, and us poor people

will be on the streets begging.   It is headed that way fast and this Government is quite happy sitting there and doing nothing to help. 

God help us, because these incompetent Politicians are not capable to make the correct decisions to help us.




1st March 2013


It is interesting to see that UKIP have gained a good 2nd place in the By-Election and that clearly is because of the realisation

by more and more voters that membership of the EU is no longer sustainable or good for this Country (and never was !).   

One only needs to look at the general outline of the EU to know that if you dilute say 9 economically strong European

Countries by mixing them with 18 much less strong and indeed very weak and corrupt European Countries the 9 previously

economically strong Countries are going to be much worse off economically.


The fact is that that EU has been cobbled together by mindless politicians without really looking at the result of such a Union

on the Countires.   For example ,there seems no plan in place for the influx of tens or hundreds of thousands of immigrants from

Countries such as Romania and Bulgaria, etc etc etc . How is the UK going to house such immigrants when we have a massive

shortage of housing ?.    How is the UK going to provide jobs for the immigrants when we have nearly 3 million unemployed ?

How are we going to provide healthcare when the NHS is already near breaking ?.   Any sane normal person would want to answer

those questions BEFORE they committed to being bound by such undertakings, yet our useless pathetic Politicians have absolutely

no idea of the answers and for sure there is no solution .   There are many other problems with EU membership that make it

detrimental to the UK citizens.     Let me take just 2 of them.  All our Pig Farmers have complied with the EU directive regarding

the condition of housing of the pigs.    That means the production costs are much more for the UK pig farmers. The directive

is meant to apply to ALL the EU Countries but many are not complying and thus meaning our farmers are Uncompetitive.

This is grossly unfair and shows how useless the EU is.  Then the 2nd example.   Any EU immigrant coming to UK is entitled to

Benefits that we UK citizens are meant to receive when we go to “their” Countries ,BUT in practice (a) I do not want to go to

Bulgaria and (b) even if I did Bulgaria would NOT give me benefits of anywhere near the same level as that in the UK, if at

All.    The EU really is not sustainable and is all destined to end if massive catastrophe the same as the Euro is headed for.


We need to get out of the EU and concentrate on exporting to Asia, Africa and Latin America which are fast growing regions.

God help us if we stay in the EU .


What the Politicians of all Parties seem to be ignoring is that slowly but surely the whole structure of society as we knew

it is coming apart at the seams .  They must surely know that for the ordinary man on the street, and I am one of them, nothing

is as it was several years ago, and is never going back to “good times”  .They must know this but clearly do not want to admit

that life as we knew it is no more and never will be again.  



25th February 2013


UKIP are very likely to Win Eastleigh By-Election  http://blogs.spectator.co.uk/coffeehouse/2013/02/ukip-surge-in-eastleigh/ 

leaving Labour and Conservatives weeping .


24th October 2012


PMQ’s ON BBC Daily Politics

Started watching Cameron and Miliband verbally sparring on PMQ’s just now ,then decided it was so so boring watching two

supposedly grown men arguing like children over irrelevances whilst the Country needs adults with intellect to get us out of the

mess these child like Politicians have dropped us into. Really it is so so boring watching PMQ’s and in fact Daily Politics is getting

the same way, BORING !! .  God alone knows why we continue to put up with such types of Politicians as they are useless. 

For sure we should all be voting for UKIP and Nigel Farage in the next General Elections.


14th October 2012


West Mercia Police Federation compare the importance of PlebGate to the Deaths of 96 innocent people at Hillsborough. How

Dare they do that ? The Representative for West Mercia Police Federation was interviewed on Daily Politics on Friday 12th

October 2012 and for those who are impatient please skip to around minute 16.30 on this link  to hear the interview and

surrounding discussions http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01nd2sq/Daily_Politics_12_10_2012/

Separate to this, but perhaps connected, I understand that there is a LARGE discontent amongst rank and file Officers in many

Forces ,but notably the Met Police, about the lack of any real back up by their Federation/s .They are also very very unhappy

about the fact that many of the long serving Officers get much better benefits ,pensions etc than they themselves are now

entitled to and this is causing a BIG rift between them. Infact I hear on grapevine that many of them are intending to stop

paying Federation subscriptions for this very reason. Is that perhaps why the Federation is making a lot of noise about

Plebgate affair ?.  Clearly if new  recruits (and ones only entitled to the new lower pensions and benefits)  are going to stop

paying Federation subscriptions then the Federations are going to be in financial trouble.  The Officers feel badly let down

by their Federations.


June 24th 2012


Cameron decides that people are “resentful” towards those under 25 on benefits

Perhaps Mr Cameron should enlighten himself as to the actual feelings of the man on the street, and be made to realise that infact

there is a lot more resentment toward tax avoiders like Jimmy Carr, Amazon, Vodafone , Glaxo Smith Kline and many others ,than

there is towards the young who need to be on benefits because they do not have jobs . What he will do by taking away benefits from

the young is cut them off even further from main stream society.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-18567855#   Perhaps before

taking such a step Cameron should consider how they can take jobs away from the many many immigrants and give those jobs to the

our own young people !!.


April 11th 2012


Cameron goes after easy target, rather than target Amazon  .

So David Cameron is quite prepared to “go after” those who give to Charities in order to claw back some of the tax relief those “givers”

receive on their donations to Charity, BUT I have heard nothing so far from this Government on how they are going to stop the “loophole”

that Amazon ™ use to avoid paying ANY tax on the BILLIONS of £ of sales it makes to the UK public.  WHY should Amazon ™ not be

forced to pay taxes, after all they are using a domain name whose name servers are held on a database in the UK by a UK based Registry

(Nominet) and such basis allows USA to claim jurisdiction on all .com domains whose Registry is in the USA.   So Mr Cameron, why do

you not go after Amazon™ ,after all they are taking BILLIONS of £ out of the UK and not paying any taxes on it !!!!!!  That surely is

more important than  going after tax relief on Charitable donations.



February 24th 2012


David Cameron and the coalition Govt should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves that they have let a 65 year old innocent

man be extradited to the USA where he will have to 2 years or more in a gang infested Jail in Texas before he even comes

before the Texas Court to prove his innocence.  Cameron had every chance to stop the extradition but he failed.  Please

read the article and comments below;




The below are extracts only from the full story.  To read the whole story please use links above or below.


 Nicki Slater and Martin Fletcher

Last updated February 24 2012 3:47PM

A retired businessman and pillar of the Kent community today said he expected to have to join a gang to survive in prison after being handed over to US marshals

over an arms dealing allegation.

Chris Tappin, who has fought a two-year battle against extradition, faces up to 35 years in jail if convicted of conspiring to sell components for Iranian missiles.

 “The Conservative government, while in opposition, promised to reform the law and they failed to do so and they’ve let me down, they’ve let you down,

they’ve let the whole country down. I think it’s a shame, a disgrace.”

Mr Tappin was handcuffed and seated between two US marshals for the flight to the US, which is due to land in Texas around 4pm local time.